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The Past:
2004.12 - a group of 5 persons (designer,developer,assembler and marketer) set up the new company -SinZoneCare
2005.6 - SinZoneCare provides mould technology service to some local famous industrial equipment suppliers.
2006.8 – SinZoneCare successfully transit to exploit medical industry.
2006.12- SinZoneCare being one of the ealiest provider of physical therapy equipments
2007.5 – SinZoneCare successfully develops CFDA standard industrial oxygen system
2007.12 – SinZoneCare finishes the first industrial oxygen system adjustment procedure, and later on successfully launch the product to the market. Gradually express to whole nation market.
2009.2- SinZoneCare being the healthcare OEM provider of home use oxygen concentrators and nebulizers.
2010.6- SinZoneCare successfully gets the CFDA, ISO cert for home use oxygen concentrator and nebulizers.
2010.8- SinZoneCare gets the Import and Export License for Medical Equipments. CFS is approved at the meantime.
2012.12- SinZoneCare having hot distribution record among global 60 countries/areas
2013.1- SinZoneCare proceed to develop and manufacture oil free suction equipments.
2014.6- SinZoneCare being the first corperation to raise concept of "SmartTouch Healthcare Oxygen Concentrator"
2016.5 –SinZoneCare declares to provide all-round oxygen generator solution for healthcare oxygen concentrator (home use)
2016.12 - SinZoneCare develops first SmartTouch version Oxygen Concentrator " SinZone-5S"
2017.05 - New branch 'AngelBiss Medical Technology Co.,Ltd' set up with new brand 'ANGELBISS'
2017.10 - Upon 6 months development team efforts,AngelBiss develop a new Sin-Zone series portable suction machine systems (1400ml)
2018.02 - SinZoneCare enter manufacturing Triflow Spirometer (for copd patient) and Valve Holding Chamber with silicone mask (for asthma copd patient), brandname "ANGELBISS"
2018.04 - AngelBiss develops an auto test equipment for Triflow Spirometer
2018.10 - AngelBiss get great success on controling noise level of 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator below 42dB

Coming future:
* SinZoneCare (AngelBiss brand) will develop "universe suction, quiet oxygen concentrator,  pulse set portable oxygen concentrator, and liquid injection type oxygen device" for general home use.
* SinZoneCare (AngelBiss brand) will target to launch reliable distribution network in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Europe, Americans
* SinZoneCare (AngelBiss brand) will spread conbined brands cooperation concept with strategic partners
* SinZoneCare (AngelBiss brand) will destiny to get USA.FDA approval and spread her brand to the world market.

Note**   AngelBiss brand for worldwide.
         SinZoneCare brand for local market.