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How you operate warranty ?
Time : 2016/11/17    Public:AngelBiss Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, A professional OEM producer for respiratory equipments.
Re: SinZoneCare's quality regulation document no#SZC-XS-018. For distributors,SinZoneCare provides period warranty for every on sold products and will be responsible for their after sales quality condition. When information is sufficiently given, defected quality products under warranty will be withdrawn for repair or replacement, or provided with free spare parts from SinZoneCare facility with 10 working days. Quality problems out of warranty can be solved as well by a paid service.
SinZoneCare assures available spare parts remaining for providing at least 7 years.

1- End user isn't the group of SinZoneCare's warranty object.
2- Warranty period of each item, please contact our sales department.
3- Quality problems please directly contact Service Centre.