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Need: Export Sales

This position is located in: Shanghai. Please send your resume if you are interested.

Work content:
1) Collaborate with global customers through online platforms, exhibitions or overseas visits to customers
2) Maintaining old customers and developing new customers
3) Contact potential customers, process enquiries, quotes, business negotiations, sign contracts
4) Production tracking, delivery, scheduling, processing documents, after-sales service, etc.
5) Actively prepare for exhibitions and cooperate with sales managers to participate in international exhibitions
6) Other related work assigned by the leader

Job Requirements:
1) International trade, business English, machinery and related majors (college and junior colleges and above), fresh graduates are given priority
2) CET level 4 or above, oral fluent writing, likes to communicate with foreigners
3) Good communication skills, love to learn and share, and the sun is motivated
4) Office basic software skills
5) Due to the need to develop overseas markets, it is necessary to adapt to short-term business trips and exhibit abroad

1. The rapid development stage of the company has a wide space for promotion;
2. Base salary + performance bonus + business commission without limit; other benefits are provided by the state
Welcome warm-blooded youth to join us