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AngelBiss New Product
Time : 2017/12/12    Clicks : 317    Public:AngelBiss Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, A professional OEM producer for respiratory equipments.
Great News

After months of development and research, AngelBiss Team develops a better doctor-friendly use Portable Suction Machine under "AngelBiss" new brand. 

This product seen to be a milestone of  SinZoneCare's molding design, molding shape workmanship and plastic injection artist.
SinZoneCare make it from zero to accomplishment.

Great Selling points:

* Smart operating indicators (Power, Run, Required Services)

* Integrated overflow protection (double overfill protection system)

* Direct docking system (DDS)

* Hidden style easy carry handle

* Easy push-pull vacuum bottle

* 24hours/day
* 1400ml vacuum bottle