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Innovative Rechargeable 5L Oxygen Concentrator
Time : 2019/3/4    Clicks : 467    Public:AngelBiss Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, A professional OEM producer for respiratory equipments.

ANGELBISS, The first one to make out the world’s first battery operated 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator

Rechargeable, 5L Oxygen Concentrator (AC, DC, Batteries)

It even produce 93% purity O2 at 5L/min flow

Oxygen Purity in flow:
≥95.0% @ 1 LPM
≥94.5% @ 2 LPM
≥94.0% @ 3 LPM
≥93.5% @ 4 LPM
≥93.0% @ 5 LPM

Special Features only provided by AngelBiss Technology
The world’s first battery operated 5LPM@93% Oxygen Concentrator
The world’s NO. 1 Oxygen Output Purity Fluctuation rate controlled within 0.1%.
Automatic heavy humidity remove molecular sieve
Independent Oxygen outlet & nebulizer outlet system
Child Lock settings

Intended Use for: 
The product can be used on the occasions such as:
1 - on a driving ambulance,
2-  copd patients need to transit between home and hospital,
3-  copd patients need to transit between different hopsital sections,
4-  for rooms prohibited oxygen cylinders,
5-  other places that can represent as traditional oxygen cylinders,
6-  and those places have poor electricity conditions.