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Oxygen Generator 30Lpm
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Special Features only provided by AngelBiss Technology

The world’s NO. 1 Oxygen Output Purity Fluctuation rate controlled within 0.1%.

Automatic heavy humidity remove molecular sieve

Independent Oxygen outlet & nebulizer outlet system

Child Lock settings

3 years warranty or 18000hours lifetime

Durable use for environment areas at high temperature (45℃), high altitude (4500m).


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Large Flow Oxygen Concentrator

ANGELBISS, The first one to focus on Fluctuation of an oxygen concentrator, the first one CAN control the Fluctuation rate within 0.1%

10L/15L/20L/30L/40L/60L/100L~ Any Options


The best Touch operate multi-functional units.

All can be with 93%±3% oxygen purity output

Oxygen Purity Display by Numbers ( Accuracy 00.0%)


Large 6’ LED Light Display all functional data

Accumulated total running hours

Model and Specifications

Model No         Max O2 Flow    O2 Purity       Power         Watts     O2  Pressure    Noise         Timer    Alarm   O2% Display

ANGEL-10S      10L/min           93%±3%     AC 220V       840W          70kPa      55 dB(A)    YES      YES           YES

ANGEL-15S      15L/min           93%±3%     AC 220V       1080W        70kPa      55 dB(A)    YES      YES           YES

ANGEL-20S      20L/min           93%±3%     AC 220V       1550W        70kPa      55 dB(A)    YES      YES           YES

ANGEL-30S      30L/min           93%±3%     AC 220V       2200W        70kPa      55 dB(A)    YES      YES           YES

ANGEL-40S      40L/min           93%±3%     AC 220V       2980W        70kPa      55 dB(A)    YES      YES           YES

ANGEL-60S      60L/min           93%±3%     AC 220V       4600W        70kPa      55 dB(A)    YES      YES           YES

ANGEL-100S   100L/min          93%±3%     AC 220V       7800W        70kPa      55 dB(A)    YES      YES           YES

Dual Flow and nebulizer are available for all above models, remind us your special demand before order.


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