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6 bar Oxygen Concentrator 15Lpm
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Special Features only provided by AngelBiss Technology

 The world’s NO. 1 Oxygen Output Purity Fluctuation rate controlled within 0.1%.

 Automatic heavy humidity remove molecular sieve

 Durable use for environment areas at high temperature (45℃), high altitude (4500m).

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High Pressure Oxygen Concentrator

0.14 ~ 0.4~ 0.6 Mpa Oxygen Output

ANGELBISS, The first one to focus on Fluctuation of an oxygen concentrator, the first one CAN control the Fluctuation rate within 0.1%

5L/8L/10L/15L/20L/40L/100L~ Any Options


  Oxygen Pressure is adjustable from 0.14 Mpa to 0.6 Mpa (1.4bar to 6bar)

  All can be with 93%±3% oxygen purity output

  Oxygen Purity Display by Numbers ( Accuracy 00.0%)

  Large 6’ LED Light Display all functional data

  Accumulated total running hours

  With wheels, easy movable

Model and Specifications

Model No       Max O2 Flow    O2 Purity     Power         Watts        O2 Pressure      Noise       Alarm   O2% Display

ANGEL-5S         5L/min         93%±3%    AC 220V       770W           0.6Mpa          55 dB(A)    YES      YES

ANGEL-8S         8L/min         93%±3%    AC 220V       860W           0.6Mpa          55 dB(A)    YES      YES

ANGEL-10S      10L/min        93%±3%    AC 220V       1040W         0.6Mpa          55 dB(A)    YES      YES

ANGEL-15S      15L/min        93%±3%    AC 220V       1400W         0.6Mpa          55 dB(A)    YES      YES

ANGEL-20S      20L/min        93%±3%    AC 220V       2100W         0.6Mpa          55 dB(A)    YES      YES

ANGEL-40S      40L/min        93%±3%    AC 220V       3020W         0.6Mpa          55 dB(A)    YES      YES

ANGEL-100S    100L/min      93%±3%    AC 220V       7520W         0.6Mpa          55 dB(A)    YES      YES

Dual Flow and nebulizer are available for all above models, remind us your special demand before order.

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